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Cascading Selects

Case 1

If you do not need to get data from the server, you can get the job done with Stimulus controller

You can check this great tutorial Dynamic forms with Stimulus, you can also get the source code on GitHub to dive deeper.

The key point is:

First, our controller loops through the form’s fieldset elements, marking any element with a [name] attribute that matches the <input type="radio"></input> element’s [name] as disabled. We’re relying on the field_name view helper to consistently generate matching [name] attributes.

Then, the controller reads the changed <input type="radio"></input> element’s name and aria-controls attributes. If it finds a fieldset element whose [id] attribute is referenced by the element’s [aria-controls] attribute, the controller removes the [disabled] attribute. We’re relying on the field_id view helper to consistently generate matching [id] and [aria-controls] attributes.

Case 2

If you want the Select option values changed based on the previous Select value, we can do in this way.

Let's assume we want to auto update State select based on the Country select.

  1. We wrap the State select in a specific turbo frame element.
  2. We can create a Stimulus controller to handle the change event of the Country select
  3. If country select value changed, we build search params and send GET request to the server
  4. The server filter the State options based on the Country value, and return the form back.
  5. Turbo frame will replace the State select with the new one

You can check Dynamic forms with Turbo to see how it works.