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How it Works

This feature also called Inline Editing, we need Turbo Frame to make it work.

Any links and forms inside a Turbo frame are captured, and the frame contents automatically updated after receiving a response. Regardless of whether the server provides a full document, or just a fragment containing an updated version of the requested frame, only that particular frame will be extracted from the response to replace the existing content.

Let's assume we have a list of todo items, and we want to edit the todo item by clicking the Edit button

<turbo-frame id="task-detail-{pk}" class="flex-1">
<a href="/{pk}/update/">
TODO item detail


  1. We use turbo-frame to wrap the todo item detail
  2. If user click the Edit button, the server return fragment which contains the form to edit the todo item, and replace the content within the turbo-frame.

After Turbo update the page, the li element would be like this:

<turbo-frame id="task-detail-{pk}">
<form method="post" action="/{pk}/update/">
<button type="submit">Submit</button>

The content of the li would be updated because of the Turbo Frame, and user can submit the form to update the todo item.

Once the todo item updated successfully, the server can still return Turbo Frame to update the todo item detail.


You can click the Edit button to edit the todo item, and click the Submit button to update the todo item to see how it works.